Cathy Areu, pinheaded pundit

Cathy Areu

Who is Cathy Areu? “From debating Bill O’Reilly about the ‘war on women’ to discussing border issues with Anderson Cooper,” her website trumpets, “Cathy has been analyzing the hottest topics of the day, on the best cable TV news shows in the U.S. and beyond, for over a decade.” In other words, she’s a cable-TV talking head, who for years now has appeared frequently on the Big Three: CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. She’s also the editor of Catalina Magazine, founded in 2001 “to break the stereotypes of Hispanics in the US media and entertainment.”

Nancy Pelosi

She’s celebrated the misbegotten, indefensible Diversity Visa Program, which allows immigrants into the U.S. essentially at random. Opposition to the program, she has charged, is “anti-American.” She’s also argued that 77-year-old Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi should stay on as Democratic leader in the House for no other reason than that Pelosi is a woman.

In recent months Areu has been a staple on the Tucker Carlson Show. In one exchange with Carlson, she held forth on “toxic masculinity,” for which she blamed mass shootings. “Women are better,” she stated flatly. “We are not the murderers in our society…Men are not as good as women.” Women are “the better gender.” As for men, “maybe we’re just not raising them right.” Asked whether there is such a thing as toxic femininity, she said no: “Women can do no wrong….We’re just the smarter gender.” In other words, she feels the same way about her sex as Hitler felt about his ethnic group.

White supremacy in action

On another episode, Carlson took on a professor’s accusation in a magazine article that when Westerners practice yoga, they are being racists. Areu agreed that they were. In the West, she stated, yoga is practiced mainly by white women (“not Latinos, not immigrants”) who have appropriated an activity with a rich cultural history that they don’t know about or care to understand. It’s “white supremacy,” she explained. When Carlson asked whether, by the same token, it would be wrong for people outside the West to use the Internet, a product of Western civilization. No, she said, because the Internet lacks the long, rich history that yoga has.

What, Carlson asked, about another product of Western civilization – namely, democracy, which does have a long, rich history? Areu dismissed his argument, contending that “yoga was a way for the Indians to show their colonizers that they were intelligent.” Carlson laughed: “Where do you get your history? Yoga predates the British by quite a bit.”

Areu enjoys posing for pictures backstage at her media appearances

But the whole point of Areu’s ideology is that real history is irrelevant. As Carlson himself has explained to viewers, he is presenting Areu on his show as a guide to the Brave New World in which we now live. It’s a world in which all kinds of actions or statements that a few years ago would have been considered innocuous are now virulently condemned as racist or sexist; a world in which all men are potential rapists and women, by definition, “can do no wrong”; a world, in short, in which the rules of the road have changed entirely and in which history can be rewritten at will to conform to the new rules. Areu’s entire schtick is that she’s internalized those new rules to a remarkable extent, and can defend even the most ridiculous of them without the slightest sign of intellectual embarrassment. It’s quite an accomplishment.

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15 thoughts on “Cathy Areu, pinheaded pundit

  1. What fucking nonsense this idiot spews. I’ll bet she has no kids, so she should stop trying to destroy other peoples kids with shit she knows nothing about. Who the hell would marry this nutcase.

  2. Cathy is a total nut! Can anybody really be that stupid? The things she comes out with are totally off-the-wall, and she sits there acting so proud of herself for her stupidity! I have to turn her off from now on because I get so disgusted that a great show like Tucker Carlson would have an idiot like her as a guest, and too frequently also. Please no more!

  3. She is a walking testimonial for sterilization. I take one look at her and I completely understand why crocodiles eat their young.

  4. How can I advise Fox News and Tucker Carlson no to have this total Kool aid drinker coming to his show anymore????

  5. LOL – I just regard her as comic relief for Tucker. She can hold the most unbelievable of opinions so steadfastly that I just don’t believe that SHE really believes it. Would be interesting to talk to her OFF camera and see if she has those same wacky opinions or if it’s just for the camera.

  6. I quit watching Tucker Carlson I cannot watch this woman smirk and act like an idiot. She has no place on a news show.

  7. It’s all schtick for TV face time. Sad, though since her stated goal for founding “Catalina” magazine was to break through stereotypes. What’s most insulting is that the schtick isn’t clever nor believable and a turnoff. Truth be told … every time she’s on, turn off Tucker. Hopefully her contract won’t be renewed.

  8. Cathy Areu isn’t on American typical bullshit young ex Cuban dumb shit pretending to be a journalist. Her attitude on Fox news about racial activities supporting racist attitudes about Thanksgiving it’s just damn Un American. I am ashamed and personally professionally embarrassed by Fox News having this bitch dumbass on the TV supporting such an American activity as racist Thanksgiving supported as she stated this lady has no idea what it means to be American so take all her for friends and the people that look like her smell like her and her parents and her entire entire goddamn family to get the fuck out of my country

  9. I shouldn’t post does not have the integrity to reply to these facts and allowing this so-called journalist to be a part of their organization.

  10. It certainly isn’t the reason that makes this country what it is, but here’s a perfect example of having zero common sense, no skills, being a Monday morning quarterback that still getting it wrong, yet achieving a certain level of fame and fortune. Complete and annoying moron who should attempt to work for a living in order to be able to relate to the reality of 90% of the people of this world who are forced to listen to this ignoramus if they have the misfortune of having a channel on which she happens to be blabbering her ludicrous nonsense. I’m against it normally, however she is a good excuse to support abortion.

    1. Well said. Haven’t seen her on Fox lately. Has anyone else seen her? Hoping her contract ran out!!!

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